Supplements are essential in your life. We are here to reveal every secret of supplements.

Scan the barcode attached to any products, you are able to read the detailed information of ingredients, or function of formulas. Compared to your body’s alert signal with the indication of certain formulas/ingredients, you will have a brief idea whether you should take the supplements.

Symptom checker allows users to have comprehensive medical guidance, and recommendations of supplements, after going through several detailed diagnosis questions in your language. The questions are optimized with human professionals, according to their knowledge and experience. After a first-time symptom check, TherapistYourself will ask you for follow-up visits, to optimize the use of supplements and support your best benefit.

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Search one product, users are able to see a list of other similar products from other brands, with different user experience. That provides a reference for users to choose brands and vendors to buy.

After receiving the recommendation, if you still have concerns, there is still a chance to talk to real professionals through a virtual appointment platform. Lower price and no waiting time makes medical service more accessible.

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